A special message

Someone is trying to hack the admin login to this site. The IP reverse lookup shows it is from one of the company outbound proxies. Not sure what that’s all about but when one of us gets off work we will be blocking that IP from accessing the site. So if any of you view this from work (you shouldn’t be) and you route out of that router you won’t be able to visit the site anymore from work

Not sure why someone would try that. You won’t be able to guess the password. We are able to see the attempted passwords and we can deduce that it’s someone familiar with IT security as the passwords are common ones that people should never use. You think we would be stupid enough to use common passwords??


Charges being filed

Labor Board Charges have been filed in 3 locations now. Great job!

We were also contacted by a local wanting to know if anyone is interested in a class action against Centurylink. Aparently someone has spoken with a lawyer who sees a potential lawsuit. Anyone interested in participating please email us and we will get everyone in contact.

Sorry for the delay in updates but things have been busy here.

Talk to your E-Board

We have been contacted by 2 locals who have language in their contract that gives negotiation rights for changes to the contract and workforce. Check your contract and contact the NLRB. File charges against the company if they refuse to negotiate.

The company has to answer information requests from the local. Also read your layoff/reduction language in your contracts. You may have a way to file charges based on contractors being employed during a reduction.

If your board won’t help you and you believe there is a violation then file the charges yourself. If you need help filing charges with the NLRB please contact us and we will assist you in the process.

Hold then to their agreement!

For the record…

Someone sent an email saying they thought this website was made by the unions to force people to sign cards. That is NOT the case.

A group of us, 4 stewards and 5 members, created this site as a way to share information. When we share information it puts us in a unique place to be able to look at what is going on company wide and see if CBA’s or laws are being violated. Companies are good at doing both. Sometimes we miss small things and as a collective group we find things and can communicate those findings to everyone.

The unions have not paid for this nor are they part of posting on this site. Again, they have not put 1 penny into this website. This is a repository for information. True unity regardless of which union you are a member. We can all work together here and we should all work together.

The same person said it’s too late. No, it isn’t. AT&T was sued by CWA over layoffs  and it was another local who figured out that the law was broken and found a loophole.

Believe it or not even company lawyers screw up sometimes

As far as signing cards goes we need everyone to sign a  card. This keeps the balance of power in our favor. Talk to non-members and explain the importance of membership at this time. This isn’t about money it’s about solidarity.

We need a massive show of unity right now. IBEW and CWA need to get together and work on this together. We are one.

#UnionStrong #Brotherhood


MN Reduction

We have been contacted about force reductions in Minnesota. More information will follow when we get more details.

This came in from a reader!

In the Twin Cities Metro. Network technicians are broadband technicians and cable maintenance.

Announced yesterday, confirmed by management and union.

Local 7200:
Network Technicians – 30 in the surplus
Customer Data Technicians – 6 in the surplus

Local 7201:
Network Technicians – 15 in the surplus
Customer Data Technicians – 4 in the surplus

Arizona Job Cuts

We have confirmation of the RIF in Arizona. Here is what we know so far.

The RIF will include technicians in the jobs titles of Central Office Technician, Network Technician, Broadband Technician, and Customer Data Technician in the cities of Coolidge, Cottonwood, Flagstaff, Globe, Phoenix, Sierra Vista, Tucson, and Yuma.  This will be a loss of 117 technicians.

The company sent a letter citing “market and competitive pressures on our business with the ongoing need to align revenues with its cost structure” as the reason for the cuts.

However, we do not know if packages were offered prior to this RIF. We have heard that packages were not offered but we are waiting on confirmation of that.

Please continue to email us with information.

More content to come soon

Please contact us with layoff information at admin@centurylinklayoffs.com

Send us anything you have. Please stay tuned to this website for information as we get it. Centurylink wants us to fight for our jobs so lets do it!

If you have ANY information regarding verified layoffs please email us and share that information. You can remain anonymous if you like. If you are a union steward or officer please email us and let us know what is going on in your local. Sharing information may be helpful and will allow us to collaborate and see if the company is violating CBA’s or labor laws.

We would like to start dedicated areas on the website for states and districts. Please contact us!!